The Essential 6-Step Checklist Prior to Setting up Your Dishwasher

The Essential 6-Step Checklist Prior to Setting up Your Dishwasher

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How to install a dishwasher safely
Taking care of a new dishwasher right into your house is no little joke, especially if you're getting the maker online. Obviously, we recommend that you work with your plumber due to the fact that they are professionals at dishwasher installment. And also, we've done this before so we can stay clear of small mistakes that can create a great deal of discomfort in the long run.
The 6 hacks will certainly make your dishwashing machine installation as smooth as possible.

Get the appropriate dimensions

It is very vital that your dishwashing machine fits in flawlessly with the remainder of your kitchen devices. Prior to you place an order for the dish washer, take a tape measure and also procedure front the top of the kitchen table to regarding an inch off the flooring. This is a typical mistake many individuals make. If you measure from the top of the table to the flooring, your dishwashing machine might be an inch more than the table when it arrives.
Additionally, take the protrusion right into account. European and American dish washers have different densities, so always consult your plumber.

See to it the parts are full

If you're getting an inexpensive dish washer, chances are that the components aren't complete. You can examine the information supplied about the product to validate. If it isn't, you may require to go shopping for get rid of your plumber. Check for an intake tube, a power cord or perhaps a steam nozzle.
There is a significant possibility of getting dissimilar parts, so seek advice from someone with a lot of experience, to put it simply, your emergency plumbings.

Inspect your water shut-off shutoff

Your dishwashing machine will certainly have its own connection. It might be connected to your kitchen sink's supply, or it might have its very own fixtures from your primary. However, you require to know that you can manage the water that provides your new dishwashing machine.
While planning for the installation, turn off all connections to the cooking area. This can prevent mishaps as well as disturbances.
Checking your shut-off valve prior to your plumber gets here can also prevent you from unforeseen investings due to the fact that you can't connect a brand-new dish washer to a faulty shut off shutoff.
Also ensure that there are no cross connections that can stop your dish washer from fuming water.

Find the electrical source
Before inviting your plumbings over, make certain that there is a power electrical outlet near your preferred dishwasher location. If there isn't, you may need to run a cable to that place. These little mistakes can make or mar your experience, so you would certainly succeed to examine beforehand.
You can use this opportunity to check that your kitchen area has an independent control to ensure that you can turn off the kitchen area's power at the same time while taking pleasure in power in the remainder of your house. This basic component can stop numerous crashes and also conserve you some cash.


  • Superficial frying pan or container

  • Towel or large piece of cardboard

  • Flashlight

  • Water line setup set

  • Power cord kit (reference your product specific install instructions) Wet/Dry vacuum cleaner

  • Review placing

    The most effective location to repair your dishwashing machine is right next to your sink, or below it. The further your dish washer is from your sink, the much less practical the style. If you have any aesthetic objectives for your dish washer, talk with your plumber regarding them. Always communicate with your plumber

    How to Prepare for Your Dishwasher Installation


    Measure the width of your current dishwasher. Also record the distance from under the countertop to the floor.

    Provide this information to your sales person, so she can cross check it against the new dishwasher dimensions.

    Finally, let us know if you are replacing an old European dishwasher with an American model as the new product may protrude off your cabinets.

    Buy the Correct Parts

    Dishwashers used to come with installation parts. Over the years, manufacturers skimped on parts in the interest of keeping costs down. Basics such as the water intake hose, and power cord do not come in original packaging. For this reason please make sure to order a universal parts kit prior to your installation. costs approximately $20

    Locate & Inspect Your Water Shut-off Valve

    If you live in a New York City apartment or in an older home, you will appreciate watching out for this step.

    Check to see if the water shut-off valve is located under the sink or in an accessible cabinet close by. Ensure the shut-off valve is corrosion-free, in good working condition, has a metal connection and requires no plumbing alterations to connect.

    Knowing the condition of your water shut off valve, your installer will come prepared with necessary parts. You will also appreciate knowing the total cost of installation without last minute surprises.

    We noticed some older apartments, especially in New York City, do not have water shut off valves and the super may need to be involved.

    Finally, do not worry if you cannot see the valve under your sink/counter. Professional installers usually carry shut-off valves with them in order to prevent leaks. Typically they charge an extra fee for valve replacement.

    Locate Your Electric Panel

    Locate your electrical panel so it is safe to turn off power to your kitchen during installation. If possible verify that there is a regular 110 Volt outlet under the counter. (Hardwired installations are no longer permitted by insurance companies and most towns.)

    What to Expect Day of Delivery

  • You will have a delivery window (likely 4 hours)

  • Have your cell phone close. Keep in mind that your installers will call you to let you know that you are the next stop (usually 30-60 minutes prior)

  • Clear the pathway to your appliance, protect delicate items such as furniture

  • Conclusion

    It's exciting to get a new dishwasher and these days installation is quick and easy. This list may not include all "edge cases" we see in non-standard kitchens, however, it will ensure a smooth process for most people.

    How to Prepare for Your Dishwasher Installation

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